I haven’t used Delphi in a long time. Because I decided to switch to another software language 5 years ago. But a few days ago I got a free version of Delphi and checked it out. Really impressed! They did a great job. I wrote a simple application running on my Android phone in 5 minutes. That’s incredible.


I opened this website to introduce myself to those who want to know me better.

I was born and raised in Antalya. After high school I went to another city to study college. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering.

I’ve been married for 15 years. I live with my wife and children.

I worked in similar positions in private companies for 10 years. For 5 years I have been the IT department chief in an important department of the municipality.

I’m a positive, friendly, loving researcher. I have been interested in different cultures and languages since my childhood. My native language is Turkish, but I speak advanced English.

My goal is to become a full stack or senior software engineer. I want to contribute to big and beautiful projects. I eager to learn everything about my profession and work in a great team.

My most important criteria are; honesty, respect, love, hard work.

That’s all for now 🙂

Stay with love.